Our election tool allows you to view the results as they come in. The tool enables you to select the results of the Flemish Parliament (Vlaams parlement), the Chamber of Representatives (Kamer), the European Parliament (Europees parlement), the Brussels Regional Parliament (Brussels hoofdstedelijk gewest), the Walloon Parliament (Waals parlement) and the Parliament of the Germanophone community (parlement Duitstalige gemeenschap) in a drop-down menu.

You can select the result or 'uitslag', the distribution of seats or 'zetelverdeling', the names of those elected 'verkozenen' and preferential votes or 'voorkeurstemmen' at the bottom of the tool. In the drop-down menu in the middle you can select 'municipality' or 'gemeente', 'canton' or 'kanton', 'constituency' or 'kieskring' and the country or realm ('rijk'). The last drop-down menu allows you to choose the municipality of your choice. 'Zoek' or search allows you to search for a canton, constituency or candidate (kandidaat). Click on 'laatste uitslagen' to see the latest results.

Under 'overzichtskaarten' or 'maps' you can see the strongest party, 'sterkste partij' or the strength of each individual party. The drop-down menu at the top allows you to select Flemish Parliament (Vlaams parlement), Chamber of Representatives (kamer) or European Parliament (Europees parlement).

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