Threat level 3 to remain until after festive season Author: MB

Tue 15/12/2015 - 11:16 MB The Threat Analysis agency OCAD has said at a meeting on the National Security Council that the terror threat level in Belgium will remain at 3 until after the Christmas and New Year period. The news appears in Tuesday’s edition of the daily ‘De Tijd’.

The Federal Interior Minister Jan Jambon (Flemish nationalist) has said that that in the meantime the terror threat will continue to be permanently revaluated by OCAD in consultation with other services such as the security service and the police.

Level 3 is the second highest threat level in Belgium. Level 4 would mean that the threat is "very serious" as opposed to "serious" under level 3. "The threat to the person, group or event that is the subject of the analysis is very close".

On Monday evening the Mayor of Brussels Yvan Mayeur (Francophone socialist) said that the traditional New Year firework display will go ahead as long as the threat level doesn’t rise above 3. However, extra security measures will be in force and visitors will be asked not to bring hand bags or rucksacks with them.