Uranium ends up with scrap metal dealer Author: Colin Clapson

Sun 22/12/2013 - 10:13 Colin Clapson Belgium's Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC) has provided further details about the after low radioactive waste from two Boeing 747s ended up with a scrap metal dealer. The FANC says that the depleted uranium is still intact and as a result as yet there has not been any impact on the environment.

The depleted uranium came from two Boeings at Ostend Airport. Some of the uranium was retrieved from a container at the airport. The rest was sent to a scrap metal dealer, but because he failed to notify the FANC it started an investigation.

Kortrijk prosecutors that are responsible for environmental crimes in West Flanders Province are now awaiting the completion of the FANC's investigation before deciding on any court action. An official from the Kortrijk prosecutor's office told the Belgian press agency Belga: "When that investigation is complete, we will see which legislation governing waste management and ionising radiation has been violated. If criminal acts have been committed, we will prosecute."

Depleted uranium is used as ballast in the tail of aircraft to provide a counterweight. An aircraft usually contains some 850 kilos of low radioactive waste.