Did wrongly-parked Prince enlist security guard’s help? Author: MB

Mon 27/01/2014 - 14:30 MB During the weekend Prince Laurent of the Belgians visited the Art of Brick Lego exhibition at the Brussels Stock Exchange. Nothing remarkable with that one might think were it not that the commercial television channel VTM's royalty programme 'Royalty' says that the Prince wrongly parked his car on a pavement and then asked a security guard to keep an eye on it while he visited the exhibition.

The guard is alleged to have been instructed to tell any traffic wardens or police officers that might pass by that the car belonged to the Prince.

The Art of Brick exhibition is made up of 80 works of art that are made out of Lego. Something that might interest children, one might think. However, the Prince visited the exhibition without his children.

It was not the fact that the Prince visited the exhibition alone that attracted attention, but rather his flouting of parking regulations. The photograph above shows a security guard watching over Prince Laurent’s Smart.

According to 'Royalty', the Prince asked the guard to keep an eye on his car as he feared being given a fine for being wrongly-parked.