Flemish TV star Astrid Bryan files for divorce Author: Michael Torfs

Thu 04/07/2013 - 11:47 Michael Torfs Astrid Bryan, one of Flanders' TV celebrities, will divorce her husband John. This was announced by Basesix Agency in a press report. Astrid Bryan is a real celebrity in Flanders. She lives in Hollywood where her daily life is the subject of a hugely popular reality soap.

The series was first screened on the commercial TV station VTM under the name "Hollywood Ladies". Later, it moved to the commercial TV station Vijf, where she can be seen in the soap series "Astrid in Wonderland."

Astrid Bryan, her husband John Bryan (a successful businessman) and her brother Laurens Nuyens are the central characters of the TV series. Astrid soon gained popularity thanks to her one-liners and her typical language, which is a mixture between Flemish and American English.

The divorce does not mean the end of the reality soap. It will continue with Astrid and her brother, Laurens. The fact that Astrid and John are splitting up, will not be treated in the soap series.