Belgium top of the class when it comes to recycling Author: MB

Tue 14/11/2017 - 17:10 MB According to figures released by the European Statistics Agency Eurostat, Belgium is doing particularly well when it comes to recycling. While 65% of rubbish is recycled in the EU as a whole in Belgium this is 81%.

The figures relate to our recycling habits in 2014. During that year each an EU resident produced an average of 163 kilos of packaging rubbish, 65% of which was recycled. This is well up on the 55% that was recycled in 2008.

Belgium was top of the class with 81% of our rubbish being recycled in 2014. The Czech Republic was in second place and Germany was third. Greece, Hungary Malta and Croatia all failed to reach the level of 55% of rubbish recycled that was set by the European Commission.